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Vinosa Training Center Inc.

Formerly: Vinosa Dance Studio and Promotion (VINOSA, for brevity) was registered under single proprietorship with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) on December 05, 1985.

Thereafer, it was able to secure authority to operate a training center for overseas performing artists (OPA’s) from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on January 30, 1995. And for more than a decade of being engaged in the business it has trained and developed hundreds of talents/entertainers, such as dancers, singers and musical performers in which many of them have satisfactorily performed to foreign audiences and gained sustainable economic reward.

THE MANAGEMENT – Aware of the entire gamut of talents/skills development, the FIRM through its President, Ms. Noemi B. Alberto, believes that a disciplined, efficient & dedicated management & technical staff, coupled with a total commitment & fervent desire to succeed, are the most important ingredients that will totally prevent the failure of any company or organization.

The management philosophy of the FIRM, is thus anchored on the development and enhancement of the potentials of its employees. For its believes that, more than anything else, it is the workforce of each and every company that is the biggest and surely the most important of all its assets.

THE SERVICES – The FIRM, always bearing in mind the needs of clients, sees to it that everything is attended, even to the smallest details. The staff are well trained and experienced to be truly sensitive and responsive to the desires of every client. Nothing more than the full satisfaction & contentment of our clients are to be desired and achieved.

To fully complement with the services it offers, the FIRM has maintained a pool of potential talents/entertainers which its painstakingly gathered through its more than a decade of being engaged in the business, established relationship with the industry and developed scheme.

However, the totally of its services are not only confined with its client, it has also fully provided and offered to all its talents. At the very least, it sees to it that their respective needs and welfare are being adequately attended to and that their contract for booking performance or employment are followed to the letter.

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